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Digital Farm Project 2 at a glance

  • International
  • In English
  • Cross-disciplinary
  • End-to-end
  • Industry driven
  • Collaborative
  • 30 ECTS
  • From 7st September 2015  
    to 15th January 2016
  • Duration: One semester

Available Resources

Students will have different resources available at ENIM to succeed in this project:

  1. The Machines

    ENIM has different kinds of machines for the achievement of mechanical projects.

  1. The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform (Dassault Systèmes’ Solution), provided by ENIM
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  • ENIM has its own FABLAB with the following resources:

3D printer

               Build Size: Maximum size 203 × 203 × 305 mm (8 × 8 × 12 inches)
               Accuracy: +-0.127mm (Depend on Geometry)
               Materials: ABS plastic in standard white, blue, yellow, black, red, green or steel gray colors.
               Custom colors available.

Makerbot replicator 5th Generation

               Maximum size 252 × 199 × 150 mm
               Stratum: 100 µm

Markerbot digitizer

               Able to scan: whatever into a cylinder of more than 20cm diameter on more than 20cm height

Electrox MaxBox Plus Workstation (Laser Marking, Etching & Engraving Workstation)

               Dimensions 1300mm x 1250mm x 2400mm (L x W x H)
               Weight 150Kg
               Compatibility Compatible with all Electrox lasers

CE6000 Graphtec (Professional Class Cutter Plotter)

               Force: Up to 300 & 450 grams of force
               Celerity: 600 mm/s
               Includes Graphtec ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensor)
               Contour Cut Pre-Printed Graphics