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Digital Farm Project 2 at a glance

  • International
  • In English
  • Cross-disciplinary
  • End-to-end
  • Industry driven
  • Collaborative
  • 30 ECTS
  • From 7st September 2015  
    to 15th January 2016
  • Duration: One semester

Registration Fees

We are glad to having you among our partner universities and being part of the success of the Digital Farm project 2, which will take place from September 2015 to January 2016.

Your university chose the scenario n°3 to participate in Digital Farm Project 2.  
The participation in the project provides you with a complete access to 3DEXPERIENCE Platform licenses and servers to enable the project to run smoothly.

To participate in the project, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: commitment form

  1. Fill the scenario 3 commitment form
  2. Send it by email (pdf or jpeg allowed format) to the following address:

Step 2: payment

Once you have sent the commitment form, you have to make the payment of the corresponding fees of your university: the cost is $250/student.

There are two ways to make the payment: the online payment or the bank transfer.

  • Online Payment
  1. To access to the Online payment form click HERE
  2. Fill mandatory information (champs obligatoire):
  • Nom = Last Name
  • Prénom = First Name
  • Email
  • Montant à régler = Payment amount

And the Optional information:

  • Adresse = Address
  • Code Postal = Zip Code
  • Ville = City
  • Telephone = Phone
  • Message d’accompagnement = Information Messages
  • Valider = Validate

  • bank transfer

Please indicate absolutely Digital Farm Project 2015 for the bank transfer object.
You must fill this mandatory information:

  • Account holder: ENIM
  • Address: 1 route d'Ars Laquenexy, CS65820, 57078 Metz Cedex 3 – France
  • Bank Code: 10071
  • Sort Code: 57000
  • Account number: 00001000011
  • RIB Key: 96
  • Direct debit: TPMETZ
  • IBAN: FR76 1007 1570 0000 0010 0001 196

Step 3: confirmation mail

You will receive the transaction bill by email (don't forget to check your spam folder).

Step 4: project integration

Once the form signed and submitted, you will receive your 3DEXPERIENCE Platform ID and all the related documents for the project deployment.

Thank you for participating and being involved in this project.